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At Savvy Insider, we believe in breaking the conventional boundaries of learning and career advancement. Our innovative program is designed for ambitious individuals seeking an unparalleled leap into the film industry. Imagine standing at the crossroads of opportunity and inspiration at the Cannes Film Festival, the world’s most prestigious cinematic gathering. With Savvy Insider, this isn't just a dream—it's your next step.
Discover the Unseen Path to Film Mastery
Intensive Internship: Your Gateway to the Film Industry
Our flagship offering is a meticulously curated, intensive internship at the Cannes Film Festival. This isn't your standard internship; it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be the apprentice of a seasoned professional producer, sales agent, or literary agent. You won't just be shadowing—you'll be participating, learning, and growing.

Live the Festival, Learn the Craft
  • Hands-On Learning: Dive deep into the intricacies of film production, sales, and distribution. Experience the festival through the eyes of industry veterans, and learn the nuances of what makes a film succeed.
  • Networking: Connect with filmmakers, actors, and industry leaders. The relationships you build here can redefine your career path.
  • Negotiation and Practice: Observe and participate in real-world negotiations. Learn the art of deal-making in the high-stakes environment of international film sales.
  • Inspiration and Career Upstart: Find your inspiration among the glitz and glamour, and use it to fuel your journey in the film industry. This experience is more than an internship; it's the launchpad for your career.

Why Savvy Insider?

  • Exclusive Access: Gain entry into circles that are typically closed to outsiders. Our connections open doors for you.
  • Tailored Experience: Our program is designed to match your career aspirations, whether you're drawn to production, sales, or literary aspects of the film industry.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn directly from professionals who have mastered their craft and are eager to pass on their knowledge to the next generation.
Join Us at Savvy Insider

Unprecedented Industry Access
The Savvy Insider Program opens doors to the film industry that are typically closed to newcomers. Participants gain rare, behind-the-scenes access to the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most exclusive and influential events in the cinema world. This access is not just about attending the festival; it's about being integrated into the inner workings of film production, distribution, and sales, guided by seasoned professionals.

Tailored, Hands-On Learning Experience
Unlike traditional internships that may offer limited exposure to the real stakes of film production and negotiation, Savvy Insider provides a hands-on learning experience tailored to your specific career interests. Whether you're drawn to the creative aspects of production, the intricacies of film sales, or the strategic considerations of literary management, you'll receive focused mentorship and practical experience that directly aligns with your aspirations.

Networking and Relationship Building
Networking is crucial in the film industry, and the Cannes Film Festival is the ultimate venue for building valuable connections. Through the Savvy Insider Program, participants not only meet but collaborate with filmmakers, producers, agents, and other industry professionals. These connections can open doors, offer insights, and provide support long after the festival ends, laying the foundation for a successful career.

Accelerated Career Advancement
Participation in the Savvy Insider Program is a distinguishing mark on any resume. The intensive, real-world experience gained, combined with the high-level industry contacts made, provides a significant advantage in the competitive film industry job market. Graduates of the program leave not only with enhanced skills and knowledge but also with a career trajectory that's been given a substantial boost, propelling them towards their professional goals at an accelerated pace.

Our mission and philosophy
Upstart your career, don't wait for anything, take the bull by the horns
  • Cultivation of Global Cinema Perspectives
    Savvy Insider’s mission embraces a global outlook on cinema, encouraging participants to engage with a diverse range of film traditions and practices. This global perspective enriches participants' understanding and appreciation of cinema, fostering a more inclusive and nuanced approach to film-making and critique.
  • Emphasis on Experiential Learning
    At the heart of Savvy Insider’s philosophy is the belief in learning by doing. This experiential approach ensures that participants gain practical skills and real-world insights that theoretical study alone cannot provide. Such hands-on experience is invaluable, allowing emerging professionals to apply knowledge in live settings, enhancing their competence and confidence.
  • Networking and Community Building
    Savvy Insider is committed to building a vibrant community of film enthusiasts, creators, and professionals. This emphasis on networking goes beyond mere connections, aiming to foster lasting relationships that support personal growth, collaboration, and career advancement. Participants gain access to a supportive network that can offer guidance, opportunities, and camaraderie throughout their careersю
  • Innovation and Creativity Encouragement
    The program’s focus on innovation and creativity encourages participants to push boundaries and explore new ideas in storytelling, production, and distribution. Savvy Insider’s supportive environment allows for experimentation and risk-taking, crucial elements for creative growth and breakthroughs in a competitive industry.
  • Professional Development and Mentorship
    Savvy Insider offers structured mentorship from seasoned industry professionals, providing participants with guidance, feedback, and insights drawn from extensive experience. This mentorship component is a cornerstone of the program’s philosophy, ensuring that participants not only learn the ropes but also understand the subtleties of navigating the film industry successfully.
  • Career Acceleration and Enhancement
    The program is designed to accelerate participants' career trajectories. By immersing them in the real-world dynamics of the Cannes Film Festival and providing tailored, practical learning experiences, Savvy Insider positions participants for rapid professional growth. Graduates emerge with a competitive edge, prepared to make significant contributions to the film industry.
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Full price is 9822 USD if booked until February 28, 2024. If booked afterwards the price would be $12455 USD.
Savvy Insider isn't just an internship; it's a career catalyst, designed for those who are serious about making their mark in the world of cinema.

Founder of Savvy Insider
Varya Filippova
As the founder, I created Savvy Insider to open doors for those passionate about film, offering direct paths into the industry through hands-on experience and mentorship at the Cannes Film Festival. Our mission is clear: immersive learning and strategic networking can dramatically accelerate career success in cinema.

Savvy Insider champions diversity, creativity, and excellence. We provide a platform where aspiring film professionals can learn from the best, gain invaluable insights, and build essential connections. Our intensive internship program is designed to empower participants with industry knowledge, skills, and the confidence to excel.

Thank you for considering Savvy Insider as your stepping stone into the film world. Together, let's shape the future of cinema with stories that captivate and inspire across the globe.

Photo taken at Cannes Film Festival
Communication at Palais des Festivals
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Savvy Insider’s mission, ideas, and philosophy collectively offer a comprehensive advantage to participants, equipping them with the skills, insights, and networks necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of cinema.
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"Making a film is like painting a picture with a hundred painters. It's about having a vision and sharing that vision, so everyone paints with the same color. The beauty of filmmaking is that when it's done right, it can inspire change, evoke emotion, and bring light to stories untold. That's the power we wield as filmmakers, and it's a responsibility to use it wisely and boldly."
— Kathleen Kennedy

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